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Here is a great project Olive Oil lamp






Jack Wanderlust – The evil spirit of unrest. That makes boys copy the ways of the hobo. This is what happens to some of us, there is a big difference in a hobo and a bum as was pointed out by my new acquaintance Ralph ,was all he told me, and all I asked not wanting to seem noisy, but I was curious about this new face in my town. I was driving to town when I first saw him walking along the highway carrying a small bag and a backpack on his back. He looked to be around 50 years old. I drove on to the store and did my usual shopping and of course looking for some survival stuff.


When I came out of the store he had made it there, and was setting under the awning. I walked on and put my bags in the car. He watched me the whole time. I had heard about these hitchhikers being alcoholics and druggies, but something about this man-made me get out of the car and walk up to him and ask if I could help him. He asked me for a smoke, I took one out and handed him the pack. I guess it shocked him that I did that, because he thanked me several times. He said his name was Ralph, I told him mine.


We started the usual small talk about how it’s getting colder and I asked if he had some time I’d like to talk to you more, and suggested we get something to eat. I took him to the local restaurant and told him to order whatever he wanted. I was going to find out about his life, if he didn’t mind telling me.


I found out more than I actually expected, this man was a survivor in his own right . He left home in 1987 because he had lost this job and couldn’t find work, He lived on the streets of Huston Texas for two years, sleeping in shelters for the homeless, cardboard boxes or where ever he could find. Dumpster diving for food and panhandling for money, when he was jack rolled meaning a low life bum that watches you and catches and mugs you then steals your money. He was put in the hospital with a concussion. When he was released he met a man while in the shelter one night, that had told him stories of how he was a hobo he rode the trains when he could, but mainly just walked freely around the country. Sam was his name.


Sam took Ralph under his wing and taught him how to live free. Ralph said, he decided to go with Sam, He taught him all the signs for a hobo and what they mean, they have there on lingo. I asked what was the difference between a homeless person and a hobo, He informed me he was a homeless person now he’s a hobo.


A homeless person is a person doesn’t have a job and really don’t want one. They will fall into the alcohol and rarely come out. A hobo will work if work is available and offered to him and would rather than ask for a hand out, a bum will steal and will never do any work. The words hand out comes from the hobo code to never go into someone’s house food is pasted through the door. Ralph and I set and had a nice lunch of baked fish and vegetables. I had tons of questions for this traveler I asked had he ever had any trouble out on the road.” Not too much “, he said but there was a time in California that I got picked up by three homosexuals, I was in the backseat and on of them put his arm around me. What happened, He was picking his teeth up of the floor board. He showed me his what he had hit him with. He reached inside his coat and pulled out a foot long pipe that was duct taped from end to the other about one to two inches in diameter. They put me out quick. That’s not all I carry he said, times are not like they used to be.




I asked Ralph if he had a place to stay for the night. He said he didn’t. I told him he could come to my place if he wanted. He said only if I can do some work to pay my way. I’m sure I can find something. We rode the eight miles to the lake, with me answering his questions about work and things. He insisted to pitch his tent in the yard by the lake. He said if I wanted I could have supper with him. Great idea since I want some more information for this article.




I brought Ralph, some potatoes some fresh veggies two eggs. said he would get the meat and walked in to the woods by the lake. He was gone about and hour and came back with two nice size squirrels. So I had to ask how he got them. He pulled out a homemade slingshot. Made out of a “Y” shaped stick and two pieces of cut bicycle intertube with a leather pouch. You get real good with one of these on the road.


We skinned and gutted the squirrels, by laying them on there stomache and cutting across the base of the tail, then put your foot on the tail and pull straight up cut off the back feet and continue pulling the skin off do the same to its front paws then cut off the head. Turn the surreal over and cut straight down through the tail bone . Make a small cut up each hind leg then ease your knife under the skin blade up and cut all the way to the neck you’ll have to cut the membrane right under the rib cage once that’s done you can pull all the guts out in one motion. You can save the heart and liver if you want.


These are some of the hobo recipes he told me about.


Hobo Potatoes




Slice potatoes in half not all the way through, leave enough to hold it together. Slice a or use a wild onion, and put one slice in between each potato slice. use sausage coat with sausage grease. Place in an empty tin can buried in the coals of the fire. Leave alone in the coals until it can be stuck with a knife and not be able to lift out the potato.




Bread on a Stick




The most simple bread recipe consists of just flour and water. Kneaded into a dough and wrapped around a stick and cook over open fire. This very basic dough cooks into some good bread that can be eaten alone or used as a basis especially with some beans


Roasting Vegetables




Big vegetables like squash or wild asparagus can be cooked directly in the coals for just a few minutes watch carefully they burn quick




Ralph had his home-made hobo stove, made out of a tin coffee can hobos name for it is gumbo.


I’m not going to discuss how to make a hobo stove there are plenty of other sites for that. He had his own pot and I brought us a couple of beers as we set out and made Mulligan stew or rather surreal stew.


He had his own personal survival kit he showed me what he carry’s and said these things have help him more than anything, besides his slingshot and knife. Fire Starter, 9.’ Para Cord, 3′ bailing Wire, 10 – Waterproof Matches, ‘ Fish Line, Soup Packet, Tea Bag, Sugar Packet, lighter, 2 Antiseptic Swabs, 3 Twist Ties, 12″ Duct Tape, 1 large garbage bag, Zip-Lock Bag, 2 Bandages, 2 Nails, 2 Safety Pins, 2 Fish Hooks, Chewing Gum, Sewing Needle, Note Paper, Pencil, Survival/First Aid Pamphlet.


Hobos have a common bond though, word of mouth and help each other for their common survival. They get together in what Ralph calls a jungle, that’s the word hobo’s use for their camp. They share what they have and exchange stories. He asked if I’d ever had chicken in the clay – a bird rolled in mud and then roasted over a fire .


While the meal was cooking Ralph pitched his small tent unrolled his bedroll said he is more comfortable under the stars at night. We


ate and talked for a while more before turning in for the night. The next morning, I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Ralph fixed my broken door and washed the dishes for me. Then he packed up


And I drove him to town. I told him if he’s ever back this way to stop by hobo me. We said our good byes as he headed toward Memphis walking I drove home with the thought of the amazing man I had met.



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American Youth (what is the problem)

son and father huntingCan You remember, being a child learning new things daily. Everyday was a challenge, maybe you played baseball, and football,or some other sport. I think back when I was young growing up in a small town the Mississippi Delta, We lived on a farm and also in the city when it was school time. During the summer I was on the farm helping out in the garden, feeding the chickens , hogs, and the other animals we raised for food. My relaxation was to wonder around in the woods, looking for animal tracks fishing in the creek that ran behind our property. My night past time was spent drawing and other art projects, playing guitar with the family,we would watch some TV after super and I could watch some cartoons on saturday morning, after breakfas.and I did the dishes . I guess that time is gone for our children today.

What are the children interested in now?How do they pass the time? Have you tried to get your kids to go outside and do something lately? Have you ever tried to get them interested in somethings you like to do? Kids today have Xbox 360`s, Wii game`s of every kind, DVD players CD players, ipod`s that can play a zillion songs. computers, laptops , I could spend years playing with all this stuff. I can kill bears,deer, elk, moose, fish for catfish,shark, pike, salmon and never have to leave my couch. Its amazing what our kids have for entertainment.boy play video games

Most kids now do not have to even clean their room or wash dishes, they eat in front of the TV bring the plate back sometimes and dump it in the sink. Our kids are bombarded daily with role models from a fantasy land. They want to dress act and live beyond their means. I have found out that kids are lazy now, I remember trying that a few times myself ,I`m sure you do to, I can thank my parents for setting me straight if you know what I mean.  It`s good that the kids, can have this stuff, but when that’s all they care about doing, there is a problem, when they think they don’t have to clean their room or wash a dish, There is a problem.

 Most of the problem is not the kids, its your attitude, toward them how you ask, do you tell them, yell and scream at them.  You might think whats the point in trying, Kids today are hungry for attention. If they are not tought, respect at an early age, they won`t have any when they get older and will do every thing to not spend time with you. You can play their video games some to,  You can make hunting and fishing not like a chore or a boring  task although Hunting and fishing is not for everyone . The idea of killing a live creature makes some kids think you’re a monster, they think its gross,and makes some of them sick.

The first time hunting with your child, they are scared don’t know what to expect they are not used to being quite and being still. So what i`ve found out  is let them past the time by drawing in the dirt with a stick, chew on some jerky that always keeps them still. you teach them to move silently in the woods that’s the hard part, always keep alert. You must make them understand why we  hunt, its to put meat on the table. I was taught to only kill an animal if your going to eat it. I don’t belive in sport hunting, and think its wrong to kill for the fun of it. You can do that all day long now on Playstation. Thats what I try to explain to my kids. When hunting you have to let them be a real participant in it not just watch you, shoot, field dress, carry it back, they can assist you in the whole process, with a little prodding , ask them if they would like to cut it, if they say no, you can say you will hold their hand to guide them in field dressing and that way child will learn that you trust them and they trust you. You wont be that monster anymore, you will be a hero in their eyes.

Its much easier to take them fishing before getting them exposed to hunting, still I explain to them why I fish is to put meat on the table. I never catch a fish I wont use . If we catch a Gar one is used for cut bait the rest are released back. The first fish your child catches will be the most important fish ever. It’s your job to make it fun for them, and let them bait a hook, let them  cut up bait. The main agenda is to get them doing something and learning a skill that will be forever with them. The Playstation, Xboxes, will finally quit working. The life skills you teach will never end up in the dumpster. 

Now how do you get them to clean that room do those dishes sometimes a bit of reverse psychology ,maybe  by not letting them go fishing or hunting with you. that may work or may not work depending on the child. I belive in structure, that means no video games or anything until work is done.


Other Ways to Hunt

When you think back to an earlier time, a time when there were no guns, Man still had to feed his family. He still had to hunt and he did it with more stealth more cunning and speed than he does today. Just think, how would you hunt without a gun, prehaps you would use a bow and arrow, maybe set traps,or snares. This post has to do with Bushcraft or early hunting methods


This method is probably the first thing man used to hunt is of course the rock. Man first started using rocks to hunt over 2 million years ago, I remember when I used to throw rocks as a kid and got pretty good to. I used to thow at cans small birds and squirrels. once you practice enough at rock throwing at stationary cans you can suspend a can from a tree branch and try to hit it while its swinging, this is hard to do. There are three throwing methods, you will have to decide which is best for you. 1 is overhand, 2. underhand, 3 sidearm, I have adopted my own variation I call it the high side arm throw but it seem to give more power and spin on the rock.here is no right or wrong way to grip the rock. Rock throwing is still a great hunting method.


Man used rocks as digging tools and learned to sharpen them, he would then use the sharpened rocks to put points on long sticks and thus a light weight longer hunting tool. It’s not dated exactly when man first fastened the rock to the stick but Archeologist found evidence in  Germany that dated back 400,ooo years. They were used as  weapons in the stone age against other tribes. They progressed through the ages up until the gun was invented. I`ve made spears by just sharpening a stick and also by attaching my knife to the end of the stick, both work good for hunting larger game mostly when I spear hunt its for wild hog,Its like going back to nature spear hunting, a good skill to learn.


Now, we all know the story of David and Goliath, David used a sling and slew the giant, Slings are an ancient weapon some slings were found in king Tutankhamen tomb ,it is thought that he hunted with slings sometimes.King Tut died in 1325bc. All the sling consist of is 2 lengths of cord with a pouch between them. A stone is placed in the pouch and the 2 end held in one hand the sling is spun over head then one end is released sending the stone in to the target with great speed.I’ve made slings out of twine and rope and leather boot lace you measure from one arm out stretched to the other outstretched on each side.Just find the center make an oval pouch to fasten in the center and tie a small loop on one end put the loop on your middle finger and hold the other end with you thumb and index finger, start slowly swinging it in a circular motion then release the end held with your thumb hopefully at the target. It takes practice but it’s still fun. Heres a website with a lot more information http://slinging.org/ 

I have tried to use some other primitive weapons and these work well and are a great asset in your hunting and survival arsenal.

The Bola, called boleadoras and used by the South American gauchos, its primarily 3 weighted balls connected with ropes or cords used to ensnare animals legs. I made one out of tennis balls for practice,drill ,a hole through the tennis ball. Run cord through the balls and tie a knot in the end  and one where the rope goes in to keep them from sliding up and down the rope. Tie the 3 rope together and go out and practice throwing at some poles.



The oldest boomerang per Wikipedia was made out of a mammoths tooth and dated back,000 years. the boomerang when thrown correctly will return to the point it was thrown allowing the thrower to catch it. Boomerangs are mainly used by the Aborigines in Australia. King Tut also had a collection of boomerangs in his tomb. I can remember buying one of those plastic ones when I was a kid, and getting upset when the thing didn’t come back. I finely after many throws got it to come close to me but never got the hang of it. I do have one that was given to me but it’s just for show. I will use the throwing stick, it is shaped like the boomerang but it is not meant to return, I`ve had better luck with it, or a bow and arrow.


  • The oldest bow in one piece, are the elmHolmegaard bows from Denmark which were dated to 9,000 BCE. High performance wooden bows are currently made following the Holmegaard design.per Wikipedia .The bow is in fact a stick bent to tension held in place by the bow-string the arrow is placed on the sting and pulled back it is released and the arrow is sent flying into the target. Bow hunting is still a favorite of mine. Its a good rush . Archery is a great sport.Bow hunting let you get back to simpler times no loud noise like the bang of a gun 

These primitive hunting weapons have been tested for Thousands of years and have proven themselves when the need arises. Its illegal to hunt with most of these now unless it’s in a survival situation. but it’s still a good idea to rock spear practice with something other than a gun.






Vinegar,Borax,Duct tape,baking soda, WD40 and 2 more

All these you may or may not have around your house,but if you don`t you need to get them,and have them on hand because, they have tons of uses besides what they were designed for .

I`ve use these great products for many things Vinegar to bathe the dog once when he got to close to a skunk .I put borax around my house to keep ants and spider out. My wife used duct tape once to fix a pair of tennis shoes that the soles were comming off. Just look at all the things you use baking soda  even put out kitchen fires and of course WD40 spray it where bees built nest they will levave and not come back. I will list some of the uses of these products, but there are way too many to list them all. I`ll add links where you can find more uses.

We will start with Vinegar.

Will cure atheles foot , soothe a sore thorat,clean your microwave ,gets rid of toe nail fungus,releave arthritis pain,helps fight dandruff and here is a link for more.



Okay now for Borax

Unclogg drains, get rid of weeds, makes a grood cleaner when mixed with water in a spray bottle, kills fleas. and its safe ,keeps lice out of your kids hair . Gets rid of blood stains.


The old  duct tape

Tape up your broken car window, quick fix of a  busted radiator  hose, fix a tent hole, use as a float for fishing, hem your pants, use it for a quick arm sling and I read some where if you leave duct tape on warts for 6 days it will remove them. I searched for some good sites to help with this but they were all just silly. I always carry duct tape in my survival kit and have used it alot out in the wild to hold something together.

  Baking soda

I use baking soda and hydorgen perixoide and bursh my teeth with it use it to clean your grill, use some in your beans so you wont have gas , takes away bee sting also if your in the woods and dont have baking soda with you. Take a penny and place it on the bee sting and it will take the pain away. add a little baking soda to some water to remove that gamey taste from your meat. it will also help if you have a sunburn make a paste with water.It will get rid of an upset stomach. We live in a camper and we use it to flush our water holding tank . You can get more uses from the arm an hammer site


WD40 web side give a downloadable pdf of 2000 uses for this great product.

These are just a few things I`ve used WD40 for, Spayed my traps in the winter to keep them form freezing up used it on my car windshield to keep the snow and ice form sticking, used it on frozen locks ,use it to keep my fishing line from getting tangeled up, I`ve heard this but I havnt tryed it yet but I might if the fish arnt bitting one day spray your fishing lures to attract fish they say it gets rid of the human smell. WD40 will also losen dryed on mud from your hunting boots and make them water resistent, but for the 2000 uses go here.


There are a few more great products that are more than worth mentioning.

hydrogen perioxide besides a mouthwash, gets rid of mold, cleans your hunting knives ,cleans your veggies before canning ,clean your ears, and even rocket fuel. Go here for more information.


Aluminum foil

make a fishing lure , wrap your matches to keep them dry,make a solar cooker, use it as a make shift pan or bowel


Coca Cola

I always use a hot coke when I cook ribs to tenderize them. Clean your battery cables, clean your jewely in a cup of coke over night


I enjoyed bringing this info to you because these product have worked for  me.

disclaimer: all products and photos are the sole ownership of there respective owners. used here as a demonstration this is by no means a full list of there uses. this is just a list of the things I have personaly used these products that have worked for me.



Age Old Hunting Falconry

I know you`ve watched the Medieval movies on TV and you saw them out hunting with their falcons .They fly off their wrist and catch a small bird or rabbit and return with it to the falconer. Did you know that  falconry is still going on right now, here in the United States. I checked my state of Mississippi and we also have a falconry program, I was like cool.

this is the address for Mississippi http://home.mdwfp.com/wildlife/species/falcon/info.aspx?id=702 

I found out there are a lot of things you have to do prior to just getting a bird .  First you have to decide if you have the time and dedication it takes to have a bird, and in Mississippi you must be at least 14 years old, I hope you like to be outside because that’s a requirement , do you like to hunt 3 to 6 time a week when the bird is ready not you.  The you`ll have to convince the Federal and State wildlife commission and one master falconer you have what it takes . To  become an apprentice falconer, you will have to find someone to  sponsor you. Falconer are spread out so you just might have to drive awhile,  you must have a place to house and feed the bird and suitable land for training and hunting  all this has to be inspected and approved by the State wildlife commission

You must study and take and pass  a test  to make sure you know all there is to know about the bird then  pay a fee for the permit I belive its 100 dollars and must be renewed in 5 years.

After you find a General falconer or a Master falconer to sponsor you then you can go and trap your bird . They are sometimes captured with a bow net that will catch the bird with no harm to it. You must work with a General or master falconer for 2 years after the 2 years you will become a general falconer It takes 8 years to become a master falconer. The Mississippi wildlife commission say you can have a red-tailed hawk because the are plentiful in this state. There is a list of books on Falconry here.


This is a website that goes into more detail


If you consider Falconry , get the books and study hard get your permit get your bird and have a lot of patience, good luck and  I hope you the best.peregrine falcon




Forage maybe in your own yard

Have you ever just looked out in the yard in the early spring and said “ I gotta cut the grass ” the dandelions have just taken over.Did you know your cutting down one of the most beneficial plants around. They are very much edible and are great in a salad too. This is a list of the vitamins in dandelion.

- Sugars 0.71 g
- Dietary fiber 3.5 g
Fat 0.7 g
- saturated 0.17 g
Protein 2.7 g
Water 85.6 g
Vitamin A
- beta-carotene 5854
- lutein and zeaxanthin 13610
Panathenaic acid 
Vitamin B6 
Choline 35.3 
Vitamin C 
Vitamin D 
Vitamin E 
Vitamin K 


iron  ref: Wikipedia

Thats more than a lot of veggies you normally eat, I started eating dandelion a few years ago and remember the first time . I boiled the leaves and stems and made a dandelion tea and the next day I felt better than I had in a long time ,  it works wonders for the liver and help the kidneys there`s more info here


I`ve ate them in salads and made tea dandelion greens cooked like regular greens are also delicious . Dandelions grow all over the Tunica area so if you see me picking some stop by and say hello. Dandelion has been used in some home remedies and you can also make dandelion wine it’s also used to detoix the body,here are some other uses



I hope you will give this wonder plant a try, I`m sure you will be surprised.dandelion plant


Welcome 2012 the year in wonder

I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve, I was sleeping at that time. The wife woke me to say Happy New Year. I`m sure everyone is going to have black-eyed peas today, It was a family tradition when I was growing up to have black-eyed peas and hog jowls for dinner on New Years day, Dad used to tell us if we ate it on January 1st we would have money all year. It worked sometimes, What does 2012 hold in store for us, I`ve heard that the end of days is this year. I read this morning that NASA has debunked all the claims of the world ending, like a planet will hit earth our north and south poles will shift and or our sun sending a terrible solar storm to burn us, some belive all this stuff and there are some that say this could never happen. Well I`m here to tell you it can happen and has happened in the past 65 million years ago. It wipe out the dinosaurs. So saying it wont happen is foolish. No man knows the time or date of the end of the world. Do you think they are going to tell you “hey, the world is going to end tomorrow” of course not there would be too much panic and 

Happy New Year 2012

wide-spread confusion. I do belive as many of you something is coming, what I do not know nor do I want to. I just would like to do whatever I can to ensure the safety of my family, being prepared is not stupid, I`ve heard some people tell me this and read about it too. This is an election year imagine that. This year we will vote for a president or vote to keep our current one. It matters to me that our own government will lie to us about different things and even worse we let them. I know you think I`m a conspiracy fanatic the answer is an avid No. I`m human with feelings and questions that will never get  the truth.  That doesn’t bother me much either anymore. My New Years resolution for 2012 is to be more attentive to my family’s needs and to be as ready as I possibly can for whatever comes for 2012

God Bless You All


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